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  • Brand: Vinyl Styl
  • UPC: 711574722815
  • Item #: 946238X
  • Available Date: 3/15/2013
  • Model Number: VS-P-007
Bags / Sleeves 
List Price: $249.99
Price: $224.99
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Vinyl Styl™ 12 Inch Vinyl Record Protective Outer Sleeves Polyethylene - 1000 Count Bulk PK (Clear)

Vinyl Styl Protective Outer Record Sleeves are to designed to provide a lifetime of protection for your valuable record collection.

Our 3 Mil thick sleeves will prevent abrasive wear and tear on your record jackets from everyday use and storage, while allowing you full visiblity of the album artwork. Keep the investment value of your collection at it's peak!

The slightly larger 12.75" X 12.75" dimensions of our Vinyl Styl Outer Protective Sleeves are designed to allow you to easily use the same size sleeve for your single record, double disc, 180-200 gram records, as well as gatefold record jackets. No need to buy multiple sizes!

The Vinyl Styl 1000 Count Bulk package is ideal for record stores and large collections. The Bulk package allows you to use these protective sleeves as a supply item for vintage records in your personal collection or you can bundle them into smaller packs from 1 to 100 units for resale to your customers in quantities that make sense for you and them.

The Vinyl Styl 1000 Count Bulk package is an alternative option that is more environmently friendly, as the bulk package does not include any unneeded packaging that could end up as waste.

Vinyl Styl – Sound Solutions for the Modern Era


  • 1000 Count Bulk Package
  • Dimensions: 12.75" x 12.75"
  • Designed to fit one 12" record or one gatefold double LP set
  • Open-top, no flap design
  • Made from clear, acid-free, inert, Polyethylene
  • Sleeves prevent build up of static, which attracts dust and dirt to vinyl

Vinyl Styl provides the highest level of sustainability for your records and accessories, while most importantly remaining affordable. Protect your collection with Vinyl Styl today!