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  • Howlin' Wolf This Is Howlin' Wolf's New Album 11 Oz Coffee Mug

    • Brand: Bluescentric
    • Release Date: 11/19/2018
    • Features: Ceramic Mug, White, Black
    • OVERVIEW:"You can't say on the cover that the artist didn't like the album," admitted Marshall Chess. But that's what they infamously did. Besides, Howlin Wolf loved his first electric guitar.... more
    Price: $13.33
  • Howlin' Wolf Spoonful 11 Oz Coffee Mug

    • Brand: Bluescentric
    • Release Date: 12/8/2017
    • Features: Ceramic Mug, Black, White
    • OVERVIEW:The great Howlin Wolfs version of Willie Dixons Spoonful is a classic. This bluesy coffee cup features the lyrics on one side & a sketch of the Wolf on the other. | FEATURES: -Brand:... more
    Price: $13.33
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