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UNO® Super Bowl LVII card game brings fans together with a deck inspired by the NFL.

Players still try to match colors and numbers, and when someone plays the special wild 'Touchdown' card, the last player to raise their hands to signal a touchdown must draw three cards! When down to their last card, players don't do an end zone dance, they yell 'UNO!'

Makes a great gift for fans of the NFL and card game lovers ages 7 and up.

Celebrate the Super Bowl LVII with a great gift for fans of the NFL and its greatest game!


  • The UNO® game players know and love features graphics inspired by the NFL in the UNO® Super Bowl LVII deck.
  • Game play matches the classic card game where players match colors and numbers to get rid of all their cards.
  • A special 'Touchdown' rule forces the last player to signal a touchdown to draw 3 cards.
  • Don't forget, when players get down to only one card, they must yell 'UNO!'

Includes 112 cards and instructions.

  • Ages 7+
  • 2-10 Players
  • Colors and decorations may vary.