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Death Valley Days: The Complete Second Season
  • Starring: Stanley Andrews
  • UPC: 826663167955
  • Item #: 1713626X
  • Rated: NR
  • Genre: TV Western, Television
  • Release Date: 10/11/2016
  • Original Language: ENG
  • Original Year: 1953
  • Run Time: 450 minutes
  • Distributor/Studio: Shout Factory
  • Number of Discs: 3
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Death Valley Days: The Complete Second Season on DVD

DEATH VALLEY DAYS: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON The following is the episode guide to season 2, originally telecast in 1953-54. Fess Parker plays a U, S, Marshall in Episode 15, just before he went on to become famous as Davy Crockett. Episode 1: The Diamond Babe (Ann Savage)A dance hall queen is scorned by everyone in town until there is an epidemic - Episode 2: Little Washington (Jim Davis, Sally Mansfield)After years of elegant living in Washington, the newly appointed director of the Carson City mint is in for a rude awakening when he arrives crude western town - Episode 3: Solomon in All His Glory (James Griffith, Phyllis Coates)Solomon is a newspaper man who sold his paper 10 years earlier and has been drunk ever since. His letters to his sister Agnes in the East have been lies about his success and wealth. - Episode 4 The Big Team Rolls (Lucille Barkley)A young Easterner tries to impress a girl by joining a wagon train - Episode 5: Which Side of the Fence? (Earle Hodgkins)An boundary dispute between California and Nevada which effects the mining town of Aurora and young love - Episode 6: Whirlwind Courtship (Robert Lowery)A young man won't stop hunting for gold-not even to woo a pretty girl. - Episode 7: Dear Teacher (Nancy Hale)New schoolteacher arrives, keeps unruly students in line with her sweet demeanour and sharpshooting skills. One vindictive female student and some town busybodies try to get her run out of town - Episode 8: Little Papeete (Hal Smith)A woman in love with a fire chief (Richard Avonde) has a rival: a flashy fire engine - Episode 9: Lotta Crabtree (Gloria Jean)A little girl grows up to become a performer in a Vaudville show - Episode 10: Yaller (Ray Boyle, Steve Mitchell)A young miner is afflicted with claustrophobia, causing his associates to call him "yaller". - Episode 11: Jimmy Dayton's Treasure (Harry Lauter)When love first comes to elderly Jimmy Dayton, he buys a toupee and a set of store teeth, hoping to win the hand of a gold-digging dance-hall queen - Episode 12: Twelve Pound Nugget (Helene Marshall)The discovery of a nugget weighing 12 pounds causes an uproar in a California gold town - Episode 13: Snowshoe Thompson (Lee Van Cleef, Don Kennedy)A Norwegian settler takes on the task of carrying the mail over high mountain passes-on foot. Don Kennedy - Episode 14: Husband Pro Tem (Jock Mahoney, Lane Bradford)A young mining engineer is sent to negotiate a peace treaty with Indians who refuse to let a railroad cross their lands. The pretty young lady who insists on joining him on the mission complicates matters - Episode 15: The Kickapoo Run (Fess Parker)A U.S. Marshall helps patrol the gigantic rush for free government land in the New Mexico of 1895 - Episode 16 Death Valley Scotty (William Schallert)Death Valley Scotty baffles residents with his seemingly unlimited financial resources - Episode 17: Sixth Sense (Jeanne Cooper)A blind girl is instrumental in the search for robbers - Episode 18: The Rainbow Chaser (Kay Stewart)Lucretia Phinney and her children endure years of poverty and humiliation because her husband Herb prefers daydreaming and prospecting to steady work. Eventually, she devises an ironic solution to their situation - Episode 19: Mr. Godiva (Emile Meyer)A newspaper man bets his girlfriend's father that he can make a fortune in three days.