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  • Brand: Abysse
  • Theme: Anime Collectibles, Berserk
  • UPC: 3665361074014
  • Item #: 2542108X
  • Available Date: 8/2/2024
  • Model Number: ABYMUGA065
  • This product is a special order
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As a rule of thumb in the Berserk universe, if you're not currently enduring some excruciating form of physical, emotional or existential pain, odds are pretty good that you're about to be.

That explains how a seemingly peaceful gathering of Guts, Casca and some of his closest friends can turn into an ambush in the blink of an eye.

Just fill this mug with coffee, tea, or your warm beverage of choice and watch as our heroes are surrounded by flames and the forces of evil in an attack that you'd never see coming... unless you'd ever watched even just one episode of the series.

It's the perfect gift for fans of Kentaro Miura's relentlessly brutal blood-bath, Berserk.

  • Country of origin: China